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New Yorker Cocktail Recipe

New Yorker Cocktail Recipe  – A classic New York whisky drink, this cocktail is very popular in all bars and restaurants. There seems to be little consensus on what traditionally constitutes a New Yorker, some recipes calling for claret instead of grenadine, but mostly flaunt a rich red colour and they all provide a fair kick.

Serves 1

new yorker

New Yorker Cocktail Ingredients:

  • 2 measures Scotch whisky
  • ½ measure freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1 tsp. grenadine
  • 4 ice cubes, crushed
  • Orange slice, to decorate

Cocktail Directions:

  • Place all the ingredients except the crushed ice into a cocktail shaker and shake for 1 minute, Place the crushed ice into a short tumbler.
  • Pour over the cocktail, decorate with an orange slice and serve.
  • Replace the Scotch whisky with Bourbon and pour over ice cubes rather than crushed ice and decorate with a lime twist.



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  1. Maria Carla Perez

    Ive never tried this cocktail but theres always be a first time, one of these days i will try to make this, thanks!

  2. Hi,

    It is nice to know that so many types of cocktails are available in the world.


  3. I’m going to give this a try, looks great!

  4. Woow…all look so beautiful n yummy…lovely pics complement the detsils….world of cocktails is amazing…
    Certainly worth trying..

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